Road 2 Formula

Road 2 Formula offers professional guidance for karting talents who wish to take their skills to the next level. We teach them everything they need to understand and improve their racing skills in order to be prepared for their first drive in a formula division.
We achieve this task by years of racing experience, in-depth automotive engineering knowledge, the use of high quality simulators and professional engineering software provided by The Mathworks.

KartSim mod on rFactor 2

Professional guidance

You are guided by a professional team with experience in Formula 1 and at the highest level in sim racing.

Data analysis

You receive an extensive analysis based on your telemetry. This will further develop your driving skills and technical knowledge.

Personal approach

Our team consists of three mentors who each have their own strenghts. You will always have someone capable to answer all your questions.

Live guided sessions

Get instant feedback during our one-on-one sessions. In combination with data analysis, this is the most efficient way to improve yourself.

Your roadmap

* DAQ session (data acquisition): this is a test or race session where data is collected and analysed.