Matteo Keersmaekers

As the youngest brother, Matteo had the advantage of coming into contact with F1 games very early. From the age of 4 this started with outdated games until eventually the simracing games such as rFactor1 and rFactor2 were released. The competition between the brothers, and eventually also between different simracers around the world, is what motivated him the most. Now he wants to pass on his experience with Road 2 Formula.

During his professional career as an engineer, Matteo never felt completely at home. Recently he is getting much experience in the simracing world (in teams such as HRT and Edge Esports) and he noticed that he likes to guide people as a race engineer. Matteo will therefore continue this in your process.

Main information

  • Master engineering (University Antwerp)
  • Simracer at subtop level (rFactor2 platform,
  • Programming experience for data analysis and race engineering


IT Director
Simulator responsible
Data analyser