Our offer / Pricing

Road 2 Formula offers you several different services. It’s important to know that for each of these services you will need a simulator at home. This can be anything between an entry level setup to a professional simulator.
We offer custom made packages where we determine the ideal guidance according to your budget and requirements. You can also opt for the “Basic” package where you follow a trajectory composed by us.
More information about the possibilities can be found further on this page.

* DAQ session (data acquisition): this is a test or race session where data is collected and analysed.

1. Choose your package

You have 2 possibilities: ‘Basic’ or ‘Custom’
All our packages are available in both karting1 and formula version.


If you choose the ‘Basic’ package, you will have access to our testservers 24/7. Here you have the possibility to drive an unlimited amount of laps.
Twice a month, Data Acquisition (DAQ) test sessions are organized. These are sessions where data is collected and analysed by our engineers.
Afterwards a detailed report will be provided and will be discussed during an online evaluation session. You will have the opportunity to compare your racing skills with a professional sim-racer.


The ‘Custom’ Package starts from the complete ‘Basic’ package, but is expanded with one or more of the following services:

  • A 1 hour virtual live guided session, in which one of our engineers will personally support you on a private test server. This means you will receive instant feedback while driving.
  • A real life session on our own professional simulator, where you will enjoy the support from our engineers in person.

Pricing (VAT excl)

monthly from
Available server 24/7
2 DAQ* test sessions
Choose 'Basic'
monthly from
Available server 24/7
2 DAQ* test sessions
Custom made
Request 'Custom'

Optional extra

Simulator purchase / installation

Do you need help with the selection and purchase of your simulator? We can do all of this for you. Depending on your desires and budget, we will get you the best equipment.

1 If you choose for the karting variant, the purchase of a KartSim software package is necessary. Please contact us for more information.
² TBD : “To Be Decided”. This is a custom made package, and therefore it’s impossible to show the price. We are happy to make a quotation for you!

2. Meet the team

Once you decided which package suits the best to your needs, you will be brought in contact with our staff. We discuss the package, including the optional services you have chosen.

Vincent will contact you and provide a short introduction. This is the ideal moment to ask all your questions concerning your Road 2 Formula journey.
An appointment will be made to get your simulator ready to use.

Matteo and Laurent will support you in building your simulator in the case you don’t already own one. They will select the right equipement according to your available budget. If you choose to assemble your own setup, be sure your system meets the following minimum requirements:

3. Install your simulator


You are not alone to get your simulator set up ready to race. We have the necessary experience in setting up the hardware.


Additional software must be installed on your computer, in order to connect to our Road 2 Formula servers. This is necessary to send your DAQ data to our servers.

4. Start your journey

Now that you know every detail about our packages it’s time to start! Get into your simulator and drive your first laps on our server.

Don’t worry about your laptimes in the beginning. Get used to the simulator, the car and the track. After a few sessions you will feel more confident. Now we can start the learning process!

After each DAQ session we will arrange an online meeting using Discord in which the analysed data will be discussed. Our engineers will inform you where the opportunities lie:

  • as a driver: racing lines, braking points, throttle application, etc.
  • technically: car setup knowledge such as the aero and mechanical balance, tyre conservation and many more.

We will give you tips and tricks on how to improve, this can be very specific and detailed but might also be more general.

5. The future

When our contract ends, it is off course always possible to extend it. We’d love to continue working with you to take you to an even higher level.
Our final contact session will be a real life meeting at our place in order to go through the previous course and discuss the future. This is the ideal moment to think about an eventually upgraded package, as there is always even more to learn!