Virtual R2F Karting Trophy 2020

Unfortunately there will be almost no more real races in 2020. Don’t lose the feeling of competition and join the virtual karting championship organised by Road 2 Formula.
Step in your simulator and compete against your rivals and friends in this 6 rounds championship (only the best 4 results will count).

Results & Standings

You can find the race results and current driver standings here.

Main championship information

Number of rounds

The championship consists of 6 European rounds. The best 4 results for each driver will count towards the championship.

Kart Type

The X30 Senior EU model will be used for the complete event.


The first race will start at 19:00 CET. Between each session, we will have a short break of approximately 10 minutes, where you can still drive some laps as practice.
All times are in CET.

  • 18u50 : Join the server
  • 19u00 : Practice qual (3 timed laps – 5 minutes)
  • 19u15 : Qual heat 1 (10 laps)
  • 19u35 : Qual heat 2 (10 laps)
  • 19u55 : Qual heat 3 (10 laps)
  • 20u15 : Final 1 (15 laps)
  • 20u40 : Final 2 (15 laps)

The start positions for all three ‘qual heats’ will be decided in the ‘Practice qual’ session.

For the qual heats, points will be awarded as follows: 0 point to the 1st, 2 points to the 2nd, 3 points to the 3rd and so on according to an increasing progression of one point per place.
The Final 1 starting grid position is the sum of the qualifying heats points and sorted on least points, in case of an ex-aequo the better position from the qualifying practice will be decisive.

The Final 2 starting grid will be the Final 1 result.

Points will only be rewared for the 2 finals – see table below.


What is included


As the real events are being cancelled all over Europe, Road 2 Formula provides you the possibility to keep challenging yourself and compete with your rivals/friends on the virtual track!


The top 3 in the championship will receive a prize.

  1. One month free guidance by Road 2 Formula (worth €650)
  2. Custom made karting/sim gloves by IMB Racewear
  3. One data acquisition session on a track of your choice by Road 2 Formula

Live broadcast

All rounds are live broadcasted with commentary on the Road 2 Formula Youtube and Twitch channels.

Test server

Practice on the Road 2 Formula server 24/7 to get ready for the races. You will receive the server information after the registration on our Discord channel.

What is required


To compete at our event you need a simulator setup. You can find more details on the Road 2 Formula suggestions page here.


We use the KartSim software on our server to get the best possible experience. You will need to purchase this software in order to join the championship. You will need at least the KartSim Pro EU version.

rFactor 2

The base simulator game is rFactor 2. This is available on the Steam store. Install Steam and rFactor 2 on your simulator pc.


Our main communication runs through our Discord channel. You can also ask for help if you encounter any issues.

Championship information

South Garda
LENGTH1.20km / 0.74mi
LOCATIONLonato del Garda, Italy

The first round of the “Virtual R2F Karting Trophy” will take place at the circuit of South Garda in Italy. This challenging circuit has plenty of overtaking possibilities and is a great way to start of the championship.

LENGTH1.70km / 1.06mi
LOCATIONZuera, Spain

The “Virtual R2F Karting Trophy” will continue in Spain at the Zuera circuit.

Le Mans
LENGTH1.35km / 0.84mi
LOCATIONLe Mans, France

At the well known Le Mans track, the third round will take place.

Layout will follow shortly
LENGTH1.30km / 0.81mi
LOCATIONAdria, Italy

The “Virtual R2F Karting Trophy” will continue in Italy at the Adria circuit.

LENGTH1.23km / 0.77mi
LOCATIONKristianstad, Sweden

The “Virtual R2F Karting Trophy” will continue in Sweden at the Kristianstad circuit.

LENGTH1.35km / 0.84mi
LOCATIONGenk, Belgium

Finally we end the “Virtual R2F Karting Trophy” at the Road 2 Formula home circuit of Genk in Belgium.